82nd – 85th Tarot Cards

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 82. Maid or Messenger. It characterizes a business-minded and informed girl, who can use her theoretical knowledge in practice. In the overturned position, it symbolizes the lack of seriousness and the inability to concentrate on one’s work. In a combination with the Five of Pentacles, the Seven of Pentacles, and with the Wheel of Fortune, this card warns you about possible wasteful spending.

 The hexagram duì (Joy) No.58. Accomplishment. Endurance is favorable. Tractive joy.

 83. The Knight or the Chevalier. It symbolizes a communicable, mature man, who understands his responsibility for the work he has to do. When working, he is patient and insisting, capable of implementing the plans to the end. In the overturned position, it characterizes a careless and hesitating person, in a state of stagnation, taking no care about his future.

 The hexagram jié (Limitation) No.60. Accomplishment. Grief is limited. It cannot endure. Bitter limitation. Endurance is for unhappiness. Resipiscenceshall disappear.


84. Dame or Sybil. This card symbolizes a prosperous woman, possessing a good share of property; she enjoys her financial status, and she still can enjoy life. That is why the card is favorable. In the overturned position, it symbolizes a suspicious person, careless, tricky, with the taste for intrigue.

 The hexagram xiǎo guò (Small exceeding) No.62, which tells that favorable in this situation is endurance that allows actions of those who are small, but not large — a flying bird leaves only her cry; it is not good to go uphill, whereas going downhill brings well-being.

85. King or Pharaoh. It symbolizes a successful leader with substantial life experience, and with determined, even harsh character. Nonetheless, he is intelligent and eager to learn spiritual knowledge. He is a good businessman and a remarkable professional in accurate knowledge. Although he may be a reliable friend, his rational brain remains cold, thus he may only advise, but not sympathize you. In the overturned position, it characterizes a corrupted official or businessman, who achieves his goals via dirty or immoral means. If this card is before the World or the Six of Swords, it may warn you about missing your way and, therefore, your goal.

 The hexagram wèi jì (Not yet completed) No.64. A young fox has almost reached the other side, but soaked its tail — nothing favorable. Possess truth when you drink wine. There shall be no blame. Wet you head and lose the truth, even if you had the truth.