74th-77th Tarot Cards

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 74. The Five. It predicts material and financial losses, which would give you some experience. In a combination with the Wheel of Fortune, it predicts happy marriage for a woman; however, its combination with the Tower for a woman means a marriage failed because of poverty, whereas for a man it means a dangerous competitor or a lover. In a combination with the Ordeal, it warns a woman about the loss of reputation, and the reputation may be preserved in the combination with the Strength. In the overturned position, it means chaos, discord, confusion and disorder.

 The hexagram yì (Augmenting) No.42. It is favorable to have where to go. Fording a great river is favorable. Nobody shall augment it, but, probably, break it. Do not be stiff when educating hearts. Otherwise, there shall be unhappiness.

 The fiery Zodiac sign Lion is in its passive phase, controlled by Venus, Mercury and the Moon. The Sun is in the constellation from the 22nd of June until the 22nd of July.

 75. The Six. It acknowledges your merits. It predicts financial wealth for your family, something you are going to achieve with your hard work and with your intellect. In the overturned position, it warns you about illness that you probably avoid, if you take care about your health.

 The hexagram gòu (Coupling) No.44.Power for women. Not indicated to marry. Coupling means horns. Regret, but there shall be no blame.

 The earth Zodiac sign Virgo is in its passive phase, controlled by the Sun, Venus and Mercury. The Sun is in this constellation from the 22nd of August until the 22nd of September.

 76. The Seven. It means material wealth, obtaining funds due to your financial success. In a combination with the Two of Pentacles, or with the Star, it warns you about possible robbery, but if this card is before the Wheel of Fortune, the Five of Pentacles, the Five of Wands, then those troubles shall be avoided. In the overturned position, it means care and concern. With the Seven of Cups, your worries are reasoned; a combination with the Fool, your concern has no ground and shall not be confirmed.

 The hexagram shēng (Ascending) No.46. Initial accomplishment. Meeting a great man is favorable. No grief. A raid southwards is for happiness. Rising up out of sight. There shall be favorableness due to continuous endurance.

 The air Zodiac sign Libra is in its phase of demise, controlled by the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter. The Sun is in the constellation from the 23rd of September until the 22nd of October.

77. The Eight. It symbolizes your professional skills that you successfully use in your job. In the overturned position, it symbolizes vanity, greed, avarice and taste for loansharking. If this card is after the Magician for a man, or after the High Priestess for a woman, you may find yourself involved in to financial fraud or in a crime.

 The hexagram jǐng (the Well) No.48. Cities are changed; the well is not changed. You shall neither lose nor gain. You shall go and come; the well remains the well. If you almost reach water, but the rope shall not be enough to reach the bottom of the well, and you shall crush your bucket, — unhappiness.


The water Zodiac sign Scorpio is in its phase of demise, controlled by Mars, the Sun and Venus. The Sun is in this constellation from the 23rd of October until the 22nd of November.