66th-69th Tarot Cards

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 66. Maid or Messenger. An intelligent young person, not dangerous, but she can charm out confidential information from you. In the overturned position, it brings disappointment and troubles; with the Magician, it predicts problems; with the High Priestess, those troubles may result from your carelessness.

 The hexagram dà chù (great Accumulating) No.26. Endurance is favorable. Feed yourself not from your house only — happiness. Fording a great river is good. Which roads can be on the Heaven? Accomplishment.


67. The Knight or the Chevalier. A young officer, brave, talented, able to do much, but not reliable. He is very dangerous, if he is an enemy. In a combination with the Nine of Cups, it predicts the act of valor and a reward; with the Knight of Cups, it predicts an audience with an important person. In the overturned position, this person is impulsive and capable of making troubles for you.

 The hexagram dà guò (Critical mass) No.28.Trussing bends. It is favorable to have where togo. Accomplishment. Fording a river, you dive so deep, that the top of your head shall disappear. Unhappiness. There shall be no blame.


68. Dame or Sybil. A widow or a cold woman predicts loneliness, sorrow, poverty, or losing your job, to you. In a combination with the Five of Cups, your close relative becomes a widow; with the Magician, it means a husband dies earlier than wife; with the High Priestess, it predicts the opposite. In the overturned position, an evil-hearted and unforgiving woman with dark hair, a gossip girl, tries to harm you. In a combination with the Three of Cups, she certainly shall harm you. With the overturned Ten of Wands, you do not need to worry about her.

 The hexagram lí (Radiance) No.30. Endurance is favorable. Accomplishment. Breeding cows is for happiness. A king must start a punitive raid. There shall be joy. He has to execute leaders and catch those who is not faithful to him. There shall be no blame.

69. King or Pharaoh. He is a strong figure and a dangerous enemy that you should avoid and never trust. This man usually has dark hair. It may predict a legal action soon. Near the King of Wands, you shall win the court case. In the overturned position, it warns you about a crime against you, as well as about betrayal and evil. In a combination with the Seven of Pentacles, it does not predict an offence; with the Three of Swords, it predicts the step back by your enemy.

 The hexagram héng, (Persevering) No.32. Accomplishment. Endurance is favorable. There shall be no blame. Favorable to have where to go. Broken consistency. Unhappiness.