62nd-65th Tarot Cards

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 62. The Nine. This card predicts you shall have to participate in a ceremony or in a public performance, but only as a spectator or as a witness. In a combination with the Hierophant, it may be a marriage ceremony. In a combination with the Death, it may be the funeral. In the overturned position, you have a reason not to trust someone.

 The hexagram gŭ (Correcting) No.18. Initial accomplishment. Fording a great river is favorable. Be careful three days in advance and three days afterwards. Serve neither a king nor a knight. Praise and glorify what you do.

 The fiery Zodiac sign Sagittarius is in its active phase, controlled by Mercury, the Moon and Saturn. The Sun is in this constellation from the 22nd of November until the 20th of December. Sagittarius belongs to the Trigon of Fire, and it is an active male sign. People of this sign are far-sighted, generous and sincere, but they are too sharp for most their friends. Although they love everything openly and freely, they are often impulsive and fall into extreme. This sign gives activity to the mind and the body, and also facilitates the ability for foreknowledge. According to ancient myths, Chiron, the wisest of centaurs, created the first model of the Celestial sphere. He reserved one place in Zodiac for himself. However, Krotos, a tricky centaur, took that place via deception to become the constellation of Sagittarius. Nevertheless, Zeus turned Chiron into the constellation of Centaur after Chiron’s death. This was how two centaurs appeared in the Sky.

 63. The Ten. It is a sign for suffering, tears and disappointment; together with the Death it may be the death sign for the one you love. In a combination with the Four of Pentacles, it predicts disappointment due to a present; with the Empress, it means an upcoming quarrel. In the overturned position, it predicts your good luck, financial profit, benefit and success. In a combination with the Seven of Pentacles, it predicts a large benefit.

 The hexagram guān (Viewing) No.20. Do not make sacrifice with washed hands; possessing truth, be strict and unflattering. Observe the life of others. No blames for a noble man.

 The earth Zodiac sign Capricorn is in its growing phase, controlled by Jupiter, Mars and the Sun. The Sun is in this constellation from the 21st of December until the 19th of January.

 64. The eleventh card.

 The hexagram bì (Adorning) No.22. Accomplishment. To have where to go is favorable for small. White decoration. There shall be no blame.

 The air Zodiac sign Aquarius is in its growing phase, controlled by Venus, Mercury and the Moon. The Sun is in this constellation from the 20th of January until the 18th of February.

65. The twelfth card.

 The hexagram fù (Returning) No.24. Accomplishment. Entrance and exit stay unharmed. Friends come and there shall be no blame. Return back to your path. A return after seven days. It is favorable to have where to go. The return misled. Unhappiness. There shall be natural disasters and troubles caused by humans. If the troops are engaged, there shall be great defeat at the end. Unhappiness for the king of such a country. For ten years, even punitive raids are not allowed.

 The water Zodiac sign Pieces is in its growing phase, controlled by Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. The Sun is in this constellation from the 19th of February until the 20th of March.