58th-61st Tarot Cards

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 58. The Five. This card means losses or damage. In a combination with the Maid of Cups, it warns a man against losing love. Near the Knight of Pentacles, it warns you that the conceived business has no future. With cards from the suit of Wands, it recommends taking more care about our beloved people or about a business partner, otherwise a joint venture may fail. In the overturned position, it means suffering, sorrow and discouragement; with unfavorable cards, it may mean mourning.

 The hexagram lǚ (Treading or Continuing) No.10. Step on a tiger’s tail; if the tiger does not bite you, then accomplishment. Review previous actions to study what was the best in those actions. There shall be initial happiness in case of repeating it.

 The fiery Zodiac sign Lion is in the phase of demise, controlled by Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. The Sun is in this constellation from the 23rd of July until the 21st of August.

 59. The Six. The card predicts leaving soon, or radical changes in your life, which may be corrected by the cards nearby. Near the Hermit or the Star, it predicts travelling with problems on the way. In the overturned position, it predicts losing confidential information, which might seriously compromise you. In a combination with the Ten of Wands, it predicts a delay in your business; with the card Justice, it predicts a legal action.

 The hexagram pǐ (Stagnation) No.12. The great goes, and the small comes. Not favorable for a noble man is endurance. Stagnation overthrown. Stagnation is followed by joy.

 The earth Zodiac sign Virgo is in its phase of demise. The Sun, Venus and Mercury control this sign. The Sun is in this constellation from the 22nd of August until the 22nd of September.

 60. The Seven. This card means warning and expectation. With no bad cards near, it may predict financial profit or departure to countryside. In the overturned position, it predicts multiple troubles and worries for you. In a combination with the overturned Ace of Swords, it means the release from a burden or giving birth soon.

 The hexagram dà yǒu (great Possessing) No.14. Initial accomplishment. Sky blesses this. Happiness. Nothing unfavorable.

 The air Zodiac sign Libra is in its active phase, controlled by the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter. The Sun is in this constellation from the 23rd of September until the 22nd of October. Libra belongs to the Trigon of Air and it is an active male sign. People of this sign are modest and possess intuition. They are loving and sincere, but they do not have enough energy to get out, when they are in a wrong company. These people want rest and they prefer to withdraw into themselves, in their world of dreams, going away from the real active life. According to Claudius Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos, the constellation of Libra is the place of exaltation for Saturn, the patron of melancholic people. E.P. Blavatskaya calls Libra the sacred secret sign that appeared during splitting the unified Androgyne: Virgo-Scorpio. This sign was the True Key for Initiation into the Secret of Creation and Genesis.

61. The Eight. It symbolizes an unpleasant situation, crisis and bankruptcy, but if combined with the Hierophant, the Wheel of Fortune, the King of Cups, then it takes you away from the threatening danger. In a combination with the Hermit, the Tower or with the Two of Wands, it is a sign that is bad for you. In the overturned position, it predicts an accident or an incident, caused by occasional circumstances. In a combination with the Fool, it means madness for your relative; its combination with the Knight of Wands predicts your sudden departure.

 The hexagram yù (Excess) No.16. It is favorable for Knight exaltations and troops movement. Excess fades. What is done shall go. No blame to come.

 The water Zodiac sign Scorpio is in its active phase, controlled by Mars, the Sun and Venus. The Sun is in this constellation from the 23rd of October until the 22nd of November. Scorpio belongs to the Trigon of Water and it is a passive female sign. People of this sign have very good intuition, which sometime is better to call mysticism. They are very passionate and demonstrate endurance and decisiveness, when they defend their interest critical for their lives. Scorpios are always jealous, but they are not too tender in their feelings, despite their insight, they can be short-minded, pedantic and unforgiving. In addition, people of this sign are flexible, hardworking, goal-oriented. Scorpio is also a symbol of wisdom and self-destruction. According to myths, it was Scorpio on Heaven, which frightened poor Phaethon, a God Helios’s son, who was driving his father’s sun-chariot through the sky, when he lost control and fell down to the river Eridanos.