55th-57th Tarot Cards

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 55. The Two. Opponents or problems may be eliminated, if “collided” with each other. In the overturned position, enemies may be defeated with the help of new friends.

 The hexagram méng (Enveloping) No.4.Accomplishment. It is not me, who looks for young men; it is young men who look for me. I announce with the first fortunetelling; the second and the third ones shall confuse. Once confused, I shall not announce. Endurance is favorable. Animpact with underdevelopment. Not favorable for being robbers, favorable for defeating a robber.

 The earth Zodiac sign Taurus is in its passive phase, controlled by Mercury, the Moon and Saturn. The Sun is in this constellation between the 21st of April and the 20th of May.


56. The Three. It predicts disappointment, grief and incompatibility with your partner. It predicts the impossibility to choose from three admirers for a woman. In a combination with the Wheel of Fortune, it predicts empty pockets; with the Hierophant, it predicts a failed marriage. Coming before the overturned Moon, it warns against a chance of drowning; a combination with the Fool predicts a house with mentally sick; a combination with the King of Wands warns against a possibility to harm oneself by incorrect actions; in a combination with the overturned cards: the World or the Moon, it predicts the risk to lose the beloved person. In the overturned position, it warns that you may soon do something you might be really sorry about later.

 The hexagram sòng (Arguing) No.6. The owner of truth has an obstacle. Watch the middle — for happiness. An extreme is for unhappiness. Meeting a great man is favorable. Fording a great river is not favorable. Maybe, you might be granted a grand belt, but before the end of the morning audience, your grand belt shall be torn thrice.

 The air Zodiac sign Gemini is in its passive phase, controlled by Neptune, Mars and the Sun. The Sun is in this constellation from the 21st of May until the 21st of June.

57. The Four. It symbolizes defeat, abandonment, and solitude. In a combination with the Tower, the Four of Pentacles, it warns about the possibility of imprisonment; with the Knight of Wands, it predicts a woman may soon be abandoned; in a combination with the Hermit, it predicts life in a monastery, with the Eight of Swords, it predicts emigration; the combination with the Star predicts imprisonment. In the overturned position, it predicts success in business, but with the Death or the Empress near, it means serious financial loss; with the Tower, it is the risk of total bankruptcy.

 The hexagram bǐ (Approaching) No.8. Happiness. Go into fortunetelling. Initial everlasting endurance. No blame to come. Is not it better to come at once? Unhappiness for the late.

 The water Zodiac sign Cancer is in its phase of demise, controlled by Venus, Mercury and the Moon. The Sun is in this constellation from the 22nd of June until the 22nd of July.