50th-54th Tarot Cards

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  50. Maid or Messenger. A faithful girl brings good news to you. With the Maid of Wands, a dangerous competitor, a woman, is your problem. In the overturned position, it predicts unreliability, unsteadiness and bad news.

 The hexagram xùn (Penetrating) No.57.Development for small. It is favorable to have where to go. Meeting a great man is favorable. Penetrating is beneath the bed. Lose your money on journey. Endurance is for unhappiness.


51. The Knight or the Chevalier. This is a kind and artful man is a friend or a lover. An invitation, or an opportunity emerging in the near future, may be associated with this man. In a combination with the Seven of Pentacles, it is a good visit; in a combination with the Ten of Pentacles, it means coming home soon. In the overturned position, this card warns you against possible betrayal or fraud.

 The hexagram huàn (Dispersing) No.59. Accomplishment. A king approaches temple owners. Fording a great river is favorable. Endurance is favorable. During dispersing, your blood shall go. Get out and distance, and there shall be no blame.


52. Dame or Sybil. It is associated with a practical, but at the same time romantic woman. In a combination with the Ace of Cups, it means a meeting and a feast. She needs a marriage, children, and a man who constantly needs her care and support. In the overturned position, it means malice, depravation, and dishonesty. In a combination with the Two of Cups, it predicts a marriage for a man, and jealousy for a girl.

 The hexagram zhōng fú (the Inner truth) No.61. Happiness is even for wild boars and fish. Fording a great river is favorable. Endurance is favorable.


53. King or Pharaoh. This is a King of Love, and he is emotional and romantic. He is good-tempered and has many talents. A man, who influences those in power, he is a good advisor. In a combination with the Two of Cups, it predicts a quick marriage for a girl. In the overturned position, this is a mask for a betrayer.

 The hexagram jì jì (Already done) No.63. Accomplishment is for small. Endurance is favorable. Happiness is at the beginning, disorder is at the end. Wet your head. A terrible danger.


54. The One, or the Ace. This card warns you about an upcoming disaster, or a blow, which still might be either prevented or eased, provided that all necessary measures are taken in time. In a combination with the Three of Cups, it predicts the end of severe circumstances. In the overturned position, it predicts profit and fruitful work. In a combination with the Two of Cups, it predicts a pregnancy for a woman.

 The hexagram kūn (Acquiescence) No.2. Initial accomplishment; endurance of a mare is favorable. A prince has where to go. If he goes, he is lost; if he follows, he shall have his lord. Favorable: making friends at Southwest; losing friends at Northeast. Be calm in endurance and you shall have happiness.

 The fiery Zodiac sign Aries is in its passive phase, controlled by Mars, the Sun, and Jupiter. The Sun is in this constellation between the 21st of March and the 20th of April.