42nd-45th Tarot Cards

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 42. The Five. In love, previous allusions now become an obstacle. In business, previous faults adversely affect your current work. In the overturned position, it predicts pleasant feelings and inspiring news that initiates seeing new aspects of life, reunification with family and family relations. With the overturned Four of Wands, a relative provides material support to you; with the overturned Eight of Wands, you should not expect financial support from anyone. 

The hexagram sǔn (Diminishing) No.41. The owner of truth has initial happiness. There shall be no blaming. Endurance is possible. Good to have where to go. What is needed for a sacrifice? Two cups instead of eight are enough for the sacrifice. Multiply what you do not diminish. You shall obtain so many subjects that there shall be no independent houses. 

The fiery Zodiac sign Lion is in its active phase, controlled by Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. The Sun is in this constellation from the 23rd of July until the 21st of August. Lion belongs to the Trigon of Fire, and it is an active male principle. Lions live in their artificial ideal world. They are brave and decisive, nee justice and harmony, but they often are influenced by and are ready to obey the inner voice, rather than reason. Although they are given high energy, they often are too lazy to find the reasonable way to use it. In ancient Babylon, the constellation of Lion is also known as the Great, or Fiery, Dog. 

43. The Six. It predicts a memory from the past and full of nostalgia; blurred images shall emerge from the past. In the overturned position, it predicts the restoration of previous connections and new possibilities up ahead.

 The hexagram guài (the Way out) No.43. You grow to the king yard. Proclaim trustfully. If there is danger, say on behalf of your city. It is not favorable to take weapon. It is good to have where to go. Voicelessness. In the end, there will be unhappiness. 

The earth Zodiac sign Virgo is in its active phase, controlled by the Sun, Venus and Mercury. The Sun is in this constellation from the 22nd of August until the 22nd of September. Virgo belongs to the Trigon of Earth and is a passive female sign. People of this sign often inspire big hope, they can overcome difficulties, although, being criticizing and dutiful, they tend to be vulnerable for doubts and concerns. They are known by precious assessments, they possess the inner intuition and they are smart; sometime they cannot resist their own wishes, controlled by their own primitive instincts. In Greek mythology, this constellation was associated with Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, which was pictured with a piece of wheat in her hands. Egyptians associated it with the goddess Isis. 

44. The Seven. This card symbolizes success in love and the implementation of your goals due to your attractiveness and charm. With the Ten of Swords, it predicts sad thoughts. In the overturned position, it gives hope to you that the formulated goal will soon be reached. With the Three of Cups, it predicts a successful enterprise. In a combination with the Hermit, it warns you about betrayal. 

The hexagram cuì (Clustering) No.45. Accomplishment. The king approaches temple owners or spirits of ancestors. Meeting a great person is favorable. Accomplishment. Endurance is favorable. Big sacrifice is not favorable. Happiness then. It is good to have where to go. 

The air Zodiac sign Libra is in its growing phase, controlled by the Moon, Saturn and Jupiter. The Sun is in this constellation from the 23rd of September until 22nd of October.

45. The Eight. It discloses such qualities as self-control, modesty, sense of shame, and an ability to be in harmony with people, still keeping distance. In the overturned position, an excuse for a celebration; in a combination with the Three of Cups, the one who owes you, pays back. 

The hexagram kùn (Confining or Exhaustion) No.47. Accomplishment. Endurance. A great person deserves happiness. There shall be speeches but they shall be wrong. There shall be no blaming. There shall be a difficulty in mazy tousle; an unsteady one would cry: “a motion is towards resipiscence”. There shall be resipiscence. The hike shall be for happiness. 

The water Zodiac sign Scorpio is in its growing phase, controlled by Mars, the Sun and Venus. The Sun is in this constellation from the 23rd of October until the 22nd of November.