34th-37th Tarot Cards

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 34. Maid or Messenger. A young person ready to help. It predicts news from a beloved person. In a combination with the World card, it predicts a long journey. In the overturned position, it warns you against false whispers and hesitation.

 The hexagram wú wàng (Without embroiling) No.25.Initial accomplishment, favorable endurance. The one who is wrong will have misfortune caused by him. It is not favorable for him to have where to go.

35. Knight or Horseman. A kind young man one should not rely on. He loves travelling, and it makes stable relations with him impossible. In a combination with the Nine or the Six of Pentacles, it predicts a soon departure; its combination with the Wheel of Fortune is a sign of disappointment. In the overturned position, it predicts that your plans may be ruined. 

The hexagram yí (Swallowing) No.27. Endurance means happiness. Watch cheeks, for they acquire what fills the mouth. Start with the meal. Although dangerous, there will be happiness. Fording a great river is good. 

36. Dame or Sybil. A kind dame ready to help a man, a good adviser. She got talents and she is full of new ideas. Non-ordinary men, who bring excitement and uncertainty in life, attract her. With the Two of Wands, it predicts sorrow; with the Fool card, it predicts a secret love affair. In the overturned position, she is very careful with finances and suspicious. Before the overturned Ace of Swords or the Three of Pentacles (for women), it predicts giving birth. 

The hexagram si kǎn (Double-abyss) No.29. It’s danger again. The owner of truth has only the accomplishment in the heart. Actions shall be approved. Binding takes a rope and a lasso. Imprisonment in the wild thorn.

37. King or Pharaoh. A kind, well-wishing company, reliable and friendly, passionate and meaningful, he is a family guy, and he could marry young. He is always ready to support a startup. In a combination with the overturned Four of Swords, he is a rich man. In a combination with the Wheel of Fortune, it predicts wealth. In a combination with the Two of Cups, it predicts happy love. In the overturned position, he is demanding and criticizing. 

The hexagram xián (Conjoining) No.31. Combination. Accomplishment, endurance is favorable. To marry a woman means happiness.