30th-33rd Tarot Cards

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 30. The Nine. It predicts slowing one’s business down and financial losses due to undefined circumstances. In the overturned position, it symbolizes grime and warns about possible delay and upcoming obstacles.

 The hexagram suí (Following) No.17. Initial accomplishment means favorable endurance. There will be no blames. What is taken will get closer to it, and what follows you will bind it. A king must reach the Western mountain.

 The fiery Zodiac sign Sagittarius is in its passive phase, controlled by Mercury, the Moon and Saturn. The Sun is in the constellation from the 22nd of November until the 20th December.

 31. The Ten. This card predicts a catastrophe and disappointment, malicious intent. In the overturned position, it predicts successful overcoming of those misfortunes. Near the card of Moon, it warns you about deception by a person who calls himself your best friend.

 The hexagram lín (Nearing) No.19.Initial accomplishment, favorable endurance. The eighth moon brings misfortune.

 The earth Zodiac sign Capricorn is in the phase of demise, controlled by Jupiter, Mars and the Sun. The Sun is in this constellation from the 21st of December until the 19th of January.

 32. The eleventh card. The hexagram shì kè (Gnawing Bite) No.21 symbolizes accomplishment. It favors those who use quarrels. Put gyves on the neck and destroy ears. Misfortune.

 The air Zodiac sign Aquarius is in its phase of demise, controlled by Venus, Mercury and the Moon. The Sun is in this constellation from the 20th of January until the 18th of February.


33. The twelfth card.

 The hexagram bō (Stripping) No.23, it is not good to have (a place or direction) where to go. The huge fruit is not eaten. A noble man will receive a wagon, while a miserable man will have his house collapsed.

 The water Zodiac sign Pieces is in its phase of demise, controlled by Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. The Sun is in this constellation from the 19th of February until the 20th of March.