22nd-25th Tarot Cards

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22. One, or Ace. It symbolizes a new idea, or a new approach to things, and also income and luck. In a combination with the King of Cups, it predicts an achievement, the same with the Strength, the Two of Cups or with the overturned Ace of Swords predicts multiple descendants; the combination with the Devil predicts illegitimate children; the combination with the overturned King of Pentacles means that your children are going to fall into sin many times. The overturned position predicts wishing success too much, which may result in an accident or plans crush. In a combination with the Two of Cups (for girls), it means love that might be dangerous for reputation.

 The hexagram qián (the Creative), which has the number 1, symbolizes initial accomplishment, where endurance is favorable. In action, make sure dragons do not dominate, then there will be happiness.

 The fiery Zodiac sign of Aries is in active phase, controlled by Mars, Sun and Jupiter. The Sun is in this constellation between the 21st of March and the 20th of April. Aries belongs to the Trigon of Fire, and it is a male active sign. Those people who are controlled by this sign are brave, full of energy and progress, and they are unconditional leaders. They may be generous, but also very egoistic. This Zodiac sign has much destructive Energy from the preceding epoch of creating the World. Biblical tales associate it with the Laxmb of God, the symbol of the Jesus Christ’s sacrifice (John 1:29–36). In the ancient mythology, the constellation of Aries is presented as a winged ram, covered with the Golden Fleece, thus symbolizing a spaceship that brought our remote ancestors to Earth from Iriy, the Paradise that corresponds to the star systems of Sirius and Orion atthe map of the Sky. Please, find the time to read more about it in my new book “Atlantis — the ancestral home of Slavic people”.


23. Two. Those your plans thought out to the last detail may need clear choice between happiness and success. If the unfavorable card, the Two of Wands, is near, it might predict death of a beloved person. In the overturned position it says your choice is wrong. In a combination with the Devil, it predicts stress, unhappiness; with the overturned Ten of Pentacles, it warns you against getting involved into a gambling game; this card near Ace or Three of Cups predicts a pleasant surprise for you.

 The hexagram zhūn (Difficulty at the beginning) No.3 symbolizes the initial accomplishment, where the endurance of a mare is favorable. Not shown where to go. Making knights is favorable. Four horses pull in different directions! Tears till blood flow like a stream.

 Mercury, Moon and Saturn control the earth’s Zodiac sign of Taurus in active phase. The Sun is in this constellation between the 21st of April and the 20th of May. Taurus belongs to the Trigon of Earth, and it is a female passive sign. Those people, who belong to this sign, have determination and will. They are inventive, self-confident, autocratic, and very jealous. In Greek mythology, Taurus is presented as white bull, which Zeus turned into, when he kidnapped Europa, the daughter of Agenor, who was a Phoenician king of Tyre.


24. Three. A good sign. Whatever you plan, it will be fulfilled depending on how many efforts you invested. In a combination with the Fool or with the High Priestess, a literature enterprise that make all your family famous. In the overturned position, it predicts that all your troubles must soon be over.

 The hexagram xū (Waiting) No.5. The owner of truth has initial accomplishment. Endurance facilitates happiness. Fording a big river is good. Enter the cave and welcome three unhurried guests. Treat them with respect, and there will be happiness, finally.

 The airy Zodiac sign of Gemini is in active phase, controlled by Neptune, Mars, and the Sun. The Sun is in this constellation from the 21st of May till 21st of June. Gemini belongs to the Trigon of Air, and it is an active male sign of Zodiac. People controlled by this sign are attentive, thoughtful, and they have success in science and in art. At the same time, they often run to the extremes, may be nervous, uneasy, suspicious. They easily get ideas and principles, but they often do not go all the way to the end. In myths, the constellation was associated with Dioskouri, sons of Leda, a Queen of Sparta.


25. The Four.An obstacle to overcome. Be ready to face any problem. In a combination with the Two of Swords, it predicts reconciliation; in a combination with the overturned Ten of Cups, it means a trouble that causes anger in a house; with the overturned Ace of Pentacles, it predicts your financial prosperity. In the overturned position, it means the same.

 The hexagram shī (the Army) No.7 symbolizes endurance. A mature person deserves happiness. There will be no blame. The grand king rules the fate, starts dynasty and inherits to his house. A miserable man should not proceed.

 The water Zodiac sign of Cancer is in the phase of growing. Venus, Mercury and the Moon control it. The Sun is in this constellation from 22nd of June until 22nd of July.